Asphalt Repair And Maintenance Kenosha, WI

Asphalt Paving
It is vital, in terms of finished product quality and durability, that the proper equipment is used when installing a new asphalt pavement. At Cicchini Asphalt LLC we use the state-of-the-art equipment, updated regularly, that is required to meet or exceed industry standards.

Full Service Asphalt Contractor
As a full-service asphalt paving provider, Cicchini Asphalt can offer you service for your pavement at any stage of its life cycle. Whether you are looking to reconstruct a 30-year-old parking lot, pave a brand new parking lot or repair anything in between, Cicchini Asphalt has the expertise to determine the most cost effective way to improve your property.

New Construction
After excavation of top soils is completed and the sub-base meets the specified elevations, a crushed aggregate base course (stone base) is installed. To attain maximum compaction, the base is sprayed with a water truck and then shaped, graded and compacted with a vibratory roller. Next, the asphalt is installed; the thickness of the asphalt is usually determined by traffic flow, vehicle weight and soil conditions. Finally, the striping is applied to the new asphalt pavement.